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No, you can not. Everything you can change is in your personal settings page.
Since this is a PTC, activity is defined by advertisements visualizations. All other features on our site are optional and won't be considered for activity purposes.
Points are rBux currency which can be converted into money. Exchange rates are as follow:
  • 1 point - 0.0001 USD
  • 100 points - 0.01 USD
  • 1000 points - 0.1 USD
  • 10000 points - 1 USD
  • and so one..
    No, you can not. All balances (except for the main balance) have their own purpose. The purchase balance is used to pay the costs of managing referrals (renting, extending, recycling, AutoPay, etc) and advertising and cannot be used for any other purchase nor can it be cashed out.


    In the case of problems and / or doubts related to any offers, you’ll need to contact Offer Wall provider directly. Usually you can find links to their help in the top right corner of the Offer Wall. Please feel free to send them questions or to report any issue or error you experience while working on these offers. Remember to include as much information as you could to help them resolve your problem faster.
    Of course, we really appreciate your hard work and we prepared a suprise for you. In order to qualify for that suprise you need to gather 10 000 points and submit a support ticket.


    You'll receive a 1% commission from your direct referrals' purchase based on these simple rules:
  • The purchase has to be made using any of our payment processors.
  • A commission will be canceled if the respective purchase is reversed for any reason and restored if the reversed purchase is also restored.
  • You always rent referrals for 30 days. You can always extend them for periods in 15 days blocks or daily using AutoPay.
    After you've logged in, go to your account page. Now, on the left menu, click on "Rented Referrals" under "Referrals". This will take you to your rented referral's list. All you have to do now is click on "Enabled" or "Disabled" option next to AutoPay (shown on the top of the listing) to toggle its status.
    If you have AutoPay enabled, on the first click a referral makes per day, you'll pay to keep that referral for an extra day. If the referral does not click, you won't pay for another day.
    The typical reason is when you don't follow the rules defined in point 3.7 of our terms of service. You must clicks atleast 4 advertisements yesterday to get referrals earnings today.
    Recycling is a term we use to exchange a rented referral. There are times when certain referrals don't live up to your expectations. In this case, you can recycle them for only $0.07 each. We also provide automatic (and free) replacements for referrals who don't click for 14 days straight (less when you have upgrade).
    It depends. If the referral is a direct one, they're credited instantly. If the referral is a rented one, it can take from 3 to 15 minutes depending on the current server load.
    After you've logged in, go to your account page. Now, on the left menu, click on "Referral Tools" under "Global". This will take you to your referral tools. Right click the link and copy it.
    Referrals may disappear from your account based on their type (direct or rented) and based on some other factors. If a direct referral disappears, it can only mean that the referral's account was permanently suspended. As it would be redundant to have an inactive referral, he/she is removed from your account. If a rented referral disappears, it can only mean that the rental expired. Rented referrals have a due date that must be met so that they continue to be yours.


    We only allow advertisements to be credited once using the same IP address in 24 hours. Dynamic IP addresses are delivered randomly based on a geographical location. This means that the IP you have today may have been someone else's IP yesterday or a few hours ago.
    You can only be credited by the same advertisement once each 24 hours. Advertisements reset at 0:00 server time. You can check server time when you are logged-in in the top user bar.
    Some advertisements are displayed worldwide while some are filtered demographically. A demographic filter is a tool for an advertiser to choose which countries are allowed to view the exposed advertisement. This is an optional tool. So, you'll see all worldwide advertisements (unfiltered) and the advertisements for your country (demographically filtered). We guarantee a daily minimum of 4 advertisements to Standard members and a daily minimum of 8 advertisements for premium members.


    Yes, we are running our refback website where you can double your earnings in PTC websites since 2009. You can find this website at this link: RefbackBank
    rBux was first introduced on July 21st 2016 in a pre-registration phase. We officially launched on July 25th 2016.


    Yes, you can cashout to an unverified PayPal or Payza account. Remember that for purchases, PayPal and Payza accounts need to be verified.
    Whether you've cashed out to Payza, PayPal or Perfect Money, these causes are similar between both:
  • Accept the payment: Sometimes users have to accept payments before they actually get them credited to their accounts. Just follow the instructions on the email you received from your payment processor or the instructions in your account's movements
  • Verify the email address and / or your account ID

    If none of this causes apply for you, please submit a support ticket. We will do our best to resolve this issue as fast as possible.

  • No need to worry. Sometimes it may happen that we don't receive payment confirmations from the payment processors or they can delay their delivery. Either way, you can always contact us using a support ticket and we'll take a look into it.

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