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it has been a while since we launched our website. We spent lot's of time in analysing cash flow between our company, affiliate networks, members and advertiser, how our communit grow, reading and replying to all members concern, as well as take care about tech stuff like keeping servers up and running, optimize our website.

After long considerations we decide to introduce some changes in rBux. Don't worry all of the changes will be profitable for our members

1. Changes in memberships:
Since the very first when we launch our website, we have been asked to add monthly memberships. We have stable cash flow and we are ready to introduce monthly membership!

Prices are as follow:

All prices are in USD.

You can upgrade your account here:

If you wonder if it is worth to upgrade your account, let me help you explain you this in simple example. If you purchase Emerald Membership for one month (15 USD) you just need 25 active direct referrals that will click their standard ads to recovery your investment!
25 referrals x 4 clicks per day x 0.005$ x 30 days= 15$

2. New Advertise Page and new lower ad prices.
We completely redesigned advertiser panel. It looks now less confusing, more modern and simple. We hope you like those changes and will try our service.
Prices of Login Ads, Feature Text Ads and Feature Link ads are also reduced.

I hope everyone love those changes and we will continue our steady grow. Keep up the good work and long life rBux.

Best Regards,

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Thank you so much admin,..
Dziekujemy p.Mateusz
I'm in! Just Upgraded!

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