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Started by Admin 2016-07-21 at 16:17

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Quote: boro
first of all I would like to send you all a warm greetings for all members and guests who are reading this post.

I think I should start from introducing myself. My name is Mateusz, I'm the one of the two rBux administrators.
I am in Paid to Clicks / Online Marketing industry since 2008. In 2009 together with my friend and second admin of rBux Adrian we created website called RefbackBank. RefbackBank is online and paying on time since then. It is a biggest refback website in Paid to Clicks industry.
We have paid more than 30 000$ USD already. I know it might not be a high number for 7 years of online activity but refback websites are way different than PTC websites.

Okay let's move to more important matters. Why we create rBux and what are our plans to keep this website stable and paying?
We create rBux becouse we love challanges.
During past 8 years we tested over 2200 Paid to Clicks and similar websites. I think we all knows how many of them are still alive and paying. It is time to add one more website to your trusted list. Considering our experience in Paid to Click industry, We knows how should a solid PTC works.
Since we want to create a long term cooperations with our beloved members and advertisers we won't offer high clicks rates, 200% return of investments in 1 month etc. We all know that it's killing all PTC websites in short period of time. We already made a partnership with big affilates network that will help us to monetize our traffic, as well as provide our members more ways to earn money.
Besides clicking on ads we offers right now OfferWalls. It is an amazing way to earn nice additional money to your standard income stream from ads. Also we are negotiate partnership with company that offers amazing paid surveys.

Our main goal is build strong community due to this our forum have "Everything Else" category. In this category members can discuss about things that are not related with earning money online. We are also offering "Games" section (which can be found in main menu), where you can play for free in your favorite games. If you have any requests which game should we add please send us a support ticket and we will try our best to do it.

We are starting our project today (21/07/2017) in pre-launch phase. Although we tested our system and script software for potentials errors and security holes we want to test everything once again in living enviroment. In order to do this we need you and your commitment. Please feel free to report any bugs and mistakes in our website.
During pre-launch you could do almost everything that is possible. All systems works as usual, only cashouts will remain closed till we officialy launch rBux.

We won't reset your balance, referrals, upgrade, credits etc. when we officialy launch our website on 26th of July 2016.

Please remember to check and read our Terms of Service section first. If you have any question please check our FAQ section where we prepared answers to most of the questions. If you checked our TOS and FAQ and still need help feel free to open a support ticket.

Best Regards,
Mateusz & Adrian
it's a good news and congratulations for official launch.
Good lucks,admin!

Nice site. Looking forward for success.
Hi i just returned from my Holiday to Watch start of this new project.I know PTC buisnesses very well i Saw many promising sites which were closed due to very diffrent Reasons. Sometimes Little details and Sometimes really great mistakes. I Think i learned something from that so my gained experience will help this new project for a very long existence.I hope it will be great time for Everyone of us. I cant wait for our first payment for you guys.

Best Regards
Hello Admin, nice to see you.

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