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as we promised rBux is officially launched today. Cashouts are now open.
During pre-launch phase we made some changes on our website as well as fixed some bugs.
We also promised that rGrid will be ready at 25th of June 2016 and it is. You can find rGrid at the top navbar.

Since we tested our system with some basic functionalities we are now ready to develop some unique addons which will made us different from others Paid to Clicks websites.

What's coming in near future?
- Survey module that will generate extra income from both members and us
- more OfferWalls
- tracking offers and credits
- BitCoin & Neteller support

We have a lot of more plans but right now I can only share with you guys a little piece of them :)

Please remember to check and read our Terms of Service section first. If you have any question please check our FAQ section where we prepared answers to most of the questions. If you checked our TOS and FAQ and still need help feel free to open a support ticket.

Best Regards,

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Yes this is great news.
Now we are on business folks.

Thanks Admin.
nice admin
I was waiting for it..

Thank you ADMIN..
Great news! rbux will grow fast and it will be the king of ptc in no time!

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